ILN Changemakers

ILN Changemakers


Innovation is a lot of things. Something it’s not – is easy.


ILN Changemakers will provide tools, methodologies and mindsets to get better at what you do, helping you move the needle on innovation and change initiatives in your organization.


The Innovation Learning Network, in collaboration with Business Innovation Factory (BIF), EPAM Continuum, and Mad*Pow, developed this program designed to give leaders the tools to “move the innovation-needle” and make a real impact in their organizations.


ILN Changemakers Program Overview





Aspen Labs will pull everything together, showing participants how they can take their newly learned skills and mindsets, and apply them holistically in their work. You’ll explore the enabling conditions for those who want to be champions of innovation and change within large complex organizations touching on the topics of design, innovation, creativity and individual empowerment to make a meaningful difference.





Storytelling is a critical skill that can invite people into a conversation in a way that engenders empathy, participation, and co-creation. It is an invaluable tool for changing behavior and helps to anchor the innovation process at both the intellectual and emotional level. BIF will help you develop your storytelling muscle through a series of experiential activities geared toward your personal or organizational innovation goals. Everyone has a story to tell; the real challenge is learning how to listen so we can act in more meaningful ways.





EPAM Continuum will arm you with several essential tools and frameworks for human-centered design, with an eye for how to put these into practice in your own environment. Among these, we’ll practice stepping beyond incremental innovation through our backcasting model, in which we’ll cast our line far into the future, identifying a future vision, and working backwards to today. We’ll pair this with best practices in design research techniques to ensure that we’re uncovering the true underlying problems to solve and coming to the right ideas.




Mad*Pow will take you on a deep dive into two areas of design: Participatory Design and Behavior Change Design. Participatory design is an approach to design strategy that brings customers into the heart of the design process. Also known as “co-creation”, “co-design”, or “cooperative design,” it encompasses techniques useful to both initial discovery and subsequent ideation phases of a project. For behavior design, you’ll learn the mechanisms of change through a systematic method for diagnosing the root causes for negative behaviors, along with latest in evidence-based principles and techniques that teams can apply when designing interventions to change individual, organizational, or population health behaviors.


Here's what's involved: 

– A one day in-person kickoff workshop (hosted at BIF's offices in Providence, RI)

– Seven, 90-minute virtual, yet still workshop-y sessions

– One recap and outcomes virtual session for participants to share vignettes or case studies on how they applied learnings

– Virtual office-hours for participants to ask questions and get mini-consults

– A dedicated Slack channel for participants to ask questions, connect and forge relationships with other learners


ILN Changemakers Kickoff Workshop

September 13th, 2019  /  9 AM - 5 PM Eastern

BIF Office  /  60 Valley St Suite #107B, Providence, RI


I'm a current or past ILN Changemaker and I'm looking for resources from the program – can you point me in the right direction? 

Yes we can. Head over to the 2019 ILN Changemakers archive to access the program guide, session recordings and slide decks.


Who should participate? 

This program is designed for mid-level leaders in medium to large organizations. The content is not specific to any role, so anyone who is trying to bring impactful change to their organization is welcome. Examples include: Innovation/Design-focused leaders, intrepreneurs, strategists, technologists, and improvement leaders. 


How much does the program cost? 

Zilch. Well, that's not entirely accurate – the cost of the program is covered through your organization's membership in the ILN.


Can anyone in the ILN participate? 

Yes and no. Because we're expecting demand to be high for this program, we're asking our ILN Sponsors from each organization to nominate an individual to participate in the program. If you'd like your sponsor to consider you as a nominee, give them a call or shoot them an email. Don't know who your organization's sponsor is? Navigate to your company's profile and the person listed as the "Primary Contact" is your ILN Sponsor.  


How many seats in the program are available to each organization?

ILN member organizations have one seat in the program (two seats for Enterprise-level memberships). 


When is the nomination deadline?

You will need to nominate a colleague (or self-nominate) by Friday, August 16th.


When will participants be notified that they've been selected for ILN Changemakers?

Participants will be notified by Monday, August 19th.


Where do I nominate someone for the ILN Changemakers program?

ILN Sponsors and ILN Network Weavers should have received an email on Monday, July 22nd with a link to a nomination form. If you're a Sponsor or Network Weaver who can't locate that link/email, reach out to


When does it start? 

September 13th, 2019 is our in-person kickoff in Providence, RI, followed by virtual sessions wrapping up in early December 2019.


Do ILN Changemakers participants need to attend the in-person kickoff workshop? 

Yes, we'll need everyone participating in the program to join us at the Business Innovation Factory headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island on September 13th, 2019.


Who pays for travel expenses?

As much as we'd love to pay for your travel expenses, those will be the responsibility of ILN Changemakers participants.


Can we see the agenda for the program?

Yep... just not at the moment. We're still crafting the agenda, but you can get some basic curriculum information above.


Is there a flyer about the program that I can download and share?

Funny you should ask... we actually have that right  here!


Who can I contact if I have more questions about the program?

Reach out to if you still have questions.