• 08 May 2018 by Katherine Steinberg

    Avalere Health is partnering with The SCAN Foundation to better understand person-centered care in California. I am reaching out today for your assistance in identifying California-based organizations, serving Medicare beneficiaries, that are person-centered. 

    The definition of person-centered care, developed by the American Geriatrics Society, which The SCAN Foundation is using is:

    Person-centered care means that individuals’ values and preferences are elicited and, once expressed, guide all aspects of their health care, supporting their realistic health and life goals.

    Person-centered care is achieved through a dynamic relationship between individuals, others who are important to them, and all relevant providers. This collaboration informs decision-making to the extent desired by the individual.

    Specifically, we are looking for organizations serving Medicare beneficiaries that have programs that include the following five features:

    (1) an individualized, goal-oriented care plan based on the person’s preferences,

    (2) care supported by interdisciplinary team meetings with the patient and family,

    (3) one primary or lead point of contact on the health care team,

    (4) active coordination among all health care and supportive service providers, and

    (5) ongoing review of the person’s goals and care plan.

    Please respond directly to this thread with the name(s) of any organizations and/or programs that you believe meet the aforementioned criteria. Connections and insights are also appreciated.

    -Katherine Steinberg, Avalere Health

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